Mr . Bhupesh Daheria
CEO, G4 Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

What we don't require just managers
         We require more than managers
                  We require Renaissance leaders

It is clear that the old models of producing either general managers or functional specialists are no longer adequate in today's environment. What is needed is truly a broad gauged leader who has the ability to cross perform tasks of different functional areas. The need of the hour is Renaissance leaders.

Individuals, who can discuss the nuts and bolts of operations with an employee on the line and few hours later talk corporate strategy with the board of directors.They can simultaneously master the art and the science; the details and the big picture; the local culture and the global contests. Be it business world or socio - politic economic arena of a nation or global village nothing less than this will be required for the outstanding leaders in this millennium.

But the question remains the same i.e. where will you get the required skills and prerequisites to be Renaissance leader? The desire to provide you the answers to these questions lies in the foundation of the Aegis School of Telecom.

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