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International Partners

Our internationalism is further enhanced by an academic alliance with Schiller International University (www.schiller.edu).

Application Form of Schiller University

Schiller has long been known as "the" International University. They offer American degrees at 8 campuses in 6 countries: Florida (USA), London (UK), Heidelberg (GERMANY), Paris and Strasbourg (FRANCE), Madrid (SPAIN), and Leysin and Engelberg (SWITZERLAND).Schiller has cooperative agreements with some 40 universities and colleges around the world. With over 20,000 alumni from over 100 countries, SIU is indeed, very international. Schiller is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Independent Colleges and Schools, Career College Association (ACICS), Washington, D.C. The ACICS is recognized by the American Council on Postsecondary Accreditation (COPA) and by the United States Department of Education as a national institutional accrediting agency. 

Degree and Program Overview at Schiller International University

Schiller International University offers a variety of degrees at the graduate levels. For more information about each degree program, please click on the links in the chart below.
For all these programs the student exchange and credit transfer is available through Aegis- Schiller Association.  This association offers you an option to study 8 months in Mumbai and one semester of 4 months, having 6 courses, at any of Schiller’s eight campuses in Florida (USA), London (UK), Heidelberg (GERMANY), Paris and
Strasbourg (FRANCE), Madrid (SPAIN), Leysin and Engelberg (SWITZERLAND), leading to an MBA, MBA IT, MS Computer Science, (MBA) International Business, (MA) Communications degree from Schiller International University (*Schiller is the only international University having campuses in Six countries). You also have a choice to attend one or multiple courses at Schiller.

USA = Florida Campus

UK = London, England Campus

PA = Paris, France Campus

STR = Strasbourg, France Campus

HD = Heidelberg, Germany Campus

MA = Madrid, Spain Campus

ACS = Leysin, Switzerland Campus

EN = Engelberg, Switzerland Campus

Appropriate Credit Transfer

  1. MPTM at Aegis Mumbai leading to MBA IT or MS Computer Science at Schiller International University
  2. MPIS at Aegis Mumbai leading to MBA IT or MS Computer Science at Schiller International University
  3. One year PGP at Aegis Mumbai leading to MBA, (MBA) International Business, MIM,  at Schiller International University

Two year Executive PGP Program at Aegis Mumbai leading to MBA Full Time, (MBA) Executive Program Part-time Florida(MBA) International Business, MIM,  at Schiller International University.

Master Degree 1 year - full time Programs at Schiller International University










MBA 36 credit -  *NEW* Spring 2007









(MBA) International Business









Executive (MBA) International Business
(2 years - part-time)









(MBA) Management of Information Technology









(MBA) Online

» International Business
» Management of Information Technology
» International Hotel and Tourism Management

Programs are available worldwide and are administered through the Florida Campus.

(MBA) Financial Planning (Online program only)

Program available worldwide, in conjunction with Kaplan University and is administered through the Florida Campus.

(MIM) International Management









(MS) Computer Engineering *NEW* Spring 2007












Dr. John. L. Selman
Vice Provost and Dean
Schiller International University

View Video

Dr. Selman on highlights of MoU signed between Aegis School & Schiller International University.
"This agreement is much more involved than a normal student transfer or student exchange agreement between schools.  The agreement offers many opportunities to Aegis students and also to Schiller students as well to the instructional staff and professors of both institutions.  While the basic agreement has been signed, some details remain to be worked out during the coming months". 
Read more….

Pradeep Giri MPTM 2006-07
Joined MBA at Schiller Florida campus under Aegis- Schiller credit transfer arrangement in Jan 2007 after one studying MPTM one semester at Aegis Mumbai.


Hello, I am Pradeep Giri. After finishing my Masters Degree majoring in Wireless communication from the North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, US, I joined MPTM at Aegis Mumbai. Aegis has provided me enough exposure in the Indian telecom industry along with the knowledge of management practices, which would help me, work efficiently in an organization. At Aegis, I was engaged in helping my team members in successfully executing a few consulting assignments for telecom companies in India like Aster telecom, Planet one and Reliance communications. I am looking forward to major in finance along with telecom management program, which gives me better outlook to my aim of being a telecom consultant over the years.