Mr . Kallol Kanungo
Vice President-Customer Services Enterprise Networks, GTL Limited

"Telecommunication management program has helped me to accelerate my career growth, I can very well assess the kind of impact Aegis School of Telecommunication is going to create on Indian Telecom Sector and the world Telecom Industry as a whole."

  • Read the excerpts of an interview given by Mr. Kallol Kanungo to Sahara TV.
  • Watch the excerpts of an interview given by Mr. Kallol Kanungo to Sahara TV.

      �In India we have got management institutes which creates the management graduates; we have got engineering institutes which creates engineers, but we don�t get the feel of both these thighs together. So this School named Aegis will definitely will do better to the industry as a whole If you ask me as a corporate I have to recruit the managers and technical people separate but when I have to depute the person for the project kind of thing I have to depute two persons separately this is the biggest limitation for any technological company. If we have single guy who can do both the things then this will be value addition to the person also that�s where Aegis will fill in the gap. He added that there would be about 20,000 techno commercial persons will be required in the telecommunication and that is huge requirement. But unfortunately we don�t have any institution in India which really cater such a huge requirement of industry. The programs which are available here in our country are more theoretical than practical. When in 1995 I had done BE in Telecommunication from REC Bhopal and joined Global Telecom, I was shocked to see what industry requires. In that regard I found my four years of education absolute waste. Thanks to the opportunity in the form of Global Telecom Academy (this academy is for internal training of Global employees) where I got the exposure to techno-commercial areas of telecommunication team as a whole. That program was quite similar to the program, the Aegis School of Telecommunication envisions to offer.

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