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In view of inevitable globalization of industries and services in India, the need of executives well versed with updated technical practice and managerial skills will be increasing in area of telecommunication and Information Technology. A bridge between academic courses in universities and managerial skill required in telecommunication business in India will therefore enhance suitability of techno-management graduates to be employed in growing industries. Aegis School of Telecommunication (AST) ventures to offer such interdisciplinary courses in from of MPTM (Master Program in Telecom Management) with three basic parts-fundamentals, current regulation and practices and managerial skills. I welcome and extend my best wishes to all who come forward to study in AST.

Dr. M.G. Sharma
PhD IIT Kharagpur
Dean, Telecom Studies, AST
[email protected]

As you consider AEGIS, I hope that you experience the many ways AEGIS can enhance your intellectual and professional development. At AEGIS our emphasis is on general Telecom Management, which offers ample opportunity for in-depth study of Telecom technologies, general Management and regulatory scenario. Aegis was started four years ago for generating and developing innovative and principled telecom business leaders who are resourced for combination of teamwork and analytical skills.

What does all this mean to you as an MPTM student?

Our commitment to the MPTM program has created a learning environment of singular focus. Here you will discover extraordinary group of people working together towards the goal of educational excellence. Our students are intellectually curious and highly talented with experience in telecom field. Our faculty members are devoted to teaching and providing strategic guidance in the field of telecom management.
All this leads to your becoming an extraordinary successful Telecom Leader.

If you would like to be a member of such a vibrant and personal community- during the program and for the rest of your life, I urge you to seriously consider AEGIS

V. K. Bhalla
Director, Executive Education and Corporate Affairs, AST
Former COO, Airtel and Touchtel (MP & CH)
[email protected]

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