Aegis School of Business


  • Summary: Maximum 5 pages
  • Font Type (Size): Times New Roman (12)
  • Writing: Bulleted points/diagrams/charts/etc is more preferable instead of long texts


All participants must form a team and the rules governing team building are as follow:

  • Open to any individual with a Bachelors degree or minimum of 5 years working experience in lieu of this qualification.
  • Should consist of maximum of 3 members.
  • No individual can belong to more than one team.
  • A team can submit multiple entries.
  • In the event of two or more business plans from the same team are short listed, the team can only present one of their entries.
  • Members of the team need not come from the same institution, company or geographical location


As a participant, you are expected to submit and articulate your business plan proposal in a congruent and concise manner. As a guide, your proposal should be presented in the following sequence:

  • Company profile: This deals with the general overview of the company. It should contain a brief summary of company line of business, board of directors, company organ gram etc.
  • Executive summary: This is the thrust of the proposal as it highlights the main goal and recommendation.
  • Business valuation: This explains the detailed business proposal. It should detail the plan in a simple language and should contain the initial capital needed, the cash flow and the profitability analysis.
  • Marketing strategy: This should explain how the proposal will be marketed and how each level of the proposal will be handled.
  • Market opportunity: This should detail various opportunity that are abound in the business proposal.
  • Forecasting: This should contain future trend and opportunity of the business.
  • Addendum: This contains other relevant information that has not been earlier provided.
Aegis Entrepreneur Challenge Committee 2007-2008