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"Dream is not what you see in sleep but that which does not let you sleep"

Do you have any such dream that is lying unrealised in your mind? Do you have the ability to see through the end? Do you have what it takes to handle the demanding circumstances? If the answer is "Yes", here is a chance to turn your idea into viable business.

Every great business not only requires an innovative idea and dynamic business plan but it requires vision and your ability to live up to the trying circumstances of starting up. The Aegis Entrepreneur Challenge provides ongoing learning experience to participating entrepreneurs. All unique business ideas  will get an opportunity to achieve business success. If you wish to turn your idea into value creation, then Aegis Entrepreneur Challenge is a place to be.

Aegis School of Business announces the launch of the Aegis Entrepreneur Challenge - a Global Business Plan competition to be held in Jan 2008 in the world's fastest growing economy: India. This competition aims to identify entrepreneur and provide a platform to realise their dreams into a viable business proposition.

Important Dates:

•       Submission on rolling basis

Next Step:

•       Download the application form from our website
•       Submit your completed application forms and business plan summary to [email protected]

Aegis Entrepreneur Challenge Committee 2007-2008