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Zhu Heng is from mainland CHINA, he has 6 years of business experience in International Trade, and worked in China and Sweden. Currently doing his One Year MBA/PGP at Aegis.


Computer Science and Information Systems

Computer Science

• CSC200 Orientation to Computer Science
• CSC209 Calculus for Computer Science II
• CSC220 Applied Probability and Statistics
• CSC262 Programming in Java
• CSC310 Linear Algebra and Matrix Computation
• CSC338 Algorithm Design
• CSC340L Digital Logic Design Lab
• CSC400 Operating System Theory and Design
• CSC421 Compiler Design
• CSC422 Principles of Database Design
• CSC425A Computer Science Laboratory I
• CSC425B Computer Science Laboratory II
• CSC425C Computer Science Laboratory III
• CSC430 Programming Languages
• CSC436 Computer Communication Networks
• CSC440 Advanced Programming in Java
• CSC445 Wireless Technologies and Application Development
• CSC450 Artificial Intelligence
• CSC451 Artificial Intelligence Programming
• CSC452 Human Computer Interactions
• CSC454 Computer Graphics
• CSC455 Game Programming
• CSC456 Advanced Game Programming
• CSC480A Computer Science Project I
• CSC480B Computer Science Project II
• CSC610 Mathematical Foundations
• CSC630 Operating Systems
• CSC640 Database Systems
• CSC650 Programming Languages
• CSC655 Compilers and Interpreters
• CSC660 Artificial Intelligence
• CSC670 User Interface Engineering
• CSC686 Computer Science Project I
• CSC687 Computer Science Project II
• CSC331 Discrete Structures and Logic
• CSC208 Calculus for Computer Science I
• CSC242 Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methods
• CSC252 Programming in C++
• CSC300 Object Oriented Design and Analysis
• CSC335 Data Structures and Algorithms
• CSC340 Digital Logic Design
• CSC342 Computer Architecture
• CSC350 Computer Ethics
• DAT690 Emerging Data Technologies

Database Administration

• DAT600 Database Theory, Modeling and Design
• DAT610 Database Implementation & Maintenance
• DAT620 Structured Query Language
• DAT630 Database Programming
• DAT640 Database Administration & Security
• DAT650 Database Disaster Recovery
• DAT660 Enterprise Data Management
• DAT670 Enterprise Business Intelligence
• DAT680 Database Web Technologies
• DAT691 Database Research Project I
• DAT692 Database Research Project II

Information Systems

• CIS301 Management Information Systems
• CIS310 Technology Project Management
• CIS320 Systems Analysis and Integration
• CIS330 System Development
• CIS340 Data Communications
• CIS350 Database Management Systems
• CIS416 Database Administration
• CIS420A Information Systems and Technology Project I
• CIS420B Information Systems and Technology Project II
• CIS425 Programming for Information Technology Environment
• CIS 430 Web and E-Business Design and Development
• CIS440 Systems Quality Assurance
• CIS450 Information and Systems Assurance
• CIS460 Human Factors and Ergonomic Design
• CIS470 Computer Forensics
• CIS480 Health Information Management
• CIS601 Info Systems Strategies, Policies, and Ethics
• CIS602 Network Services and Protocols
• CIS603 Database Management for Decision Support Systems
• CIS604 Organizational Management & Information Security
• CIS606 End User Information Systems
• CIS607 Systems Integration & Client/Server Computing
• CIS608 Knowledge Management-Knowledge-Based Systems
• CIS609 Automated Knowledge Management Systems
• CIS620A Master's Research Project 1
• CIS620B Master's Research Project II

Information Technology Management

• ITM200 Computer Hardware, Software, Maintenance, and Support
• ITM205 Computer Office Application
• ITM210 Introduction to Information Technology
• ITM230 Computer Network Technologies Overview
• ITM320 Information Technology Management
• ITM340 IT Client Environment Using Windows
• ITM345 IT Server Environment Using Linux
• ITM350 Desktop Applications Support and Troubleshooting
• ITM420 Local Area Networks
• ITM430 Wide Area Networks
• ITM434 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Administration
• ITM435 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Security
• ITM440 Database Systems Concepts and Data Modeling
• ITM450 Database Processing and Administration
• ITM470 Information Security Management
• ITM475 Information Security Technologies
• ITM490A IT Project Management
• ITM490B IT Capstone Project

Software Engineering

• SEN620 Principles of Software Engineering
• SEN621 Software Tools and Processes
• SEN625 Basic Software Architecture
• SEN630 Applied Software Architecture
• SEN635 Software Testing Strategies and Metrics
• SEN645 Object-Oriented Design for Database Application
• SEN650 Human Computer Interface
• SEN651 User Interfaces and Software Engineering
• SEN655 Application Software Development
• SEN660 Software Quality Engineering
• SEN686A Software Engineering Project I
• SEN686B Software Engineering Project II

Technology Management

• TMG601 Data Mining Tools: Managing Techology for Competitive Advantage
• TMG603 Information Security by Risk Analysis
• TMG604 Competitive Intelligence Techniques & Methodologies
• TMG605 Ethics and Technology Leadership
• TMG607 Managing Technology Acquisition and Resources
• TMG610 Global Trends in Technology Transfer/Application
• TMG615 Workflow Technologies and Process Improvement
• TMG620 Principles of Technology Management
• TMG625 Systems Analysis and Design
• TMG635 Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation
• TMG640 Managing Technological Change
• TMG650A Final Master Project I
• TMG650B Final Master Project II
• TMG655 Management of R&D and Innovation Processes

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