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    • ACC201 Financial Accounting
    • ACC202 Managerial Accounting Fundamentals
    • ACC300 Applied Technology for Accounting
    • ACC410A Financial Accounting I
    • ACC410B Financial Accounting II
    • ACC431 Advanced Accounting
    • ACC432A Taxation-Individual
    • ACC432B Taxation-Business
    • ACC433A Managerial Accounting I
    • ACC433B Managerial Accounting II
    • ACC434 Government and Non-Profit Accounting
    • ACC435A Auditing I
    • ACC435B Auditing II
    • ACC501 Accounting Fundamentals
    • ACC604 Managerial Accounting
    • ACC610M Financial Accounting I
    • ACC611M Financial Accounting II
    • ACC615M Advanced Financial Accounting
    • ACC620M Taxation of Individuals
    • ACC621M Taxation of Business and Other Entities
    • ACC630M Cost Accounting
    • ACC631M Advanced Managerial Accounting
    • ACC640M Accounting for Governmental and Not for Profit Entities
    • ACC650A Financial Accounting Theory I
    • ACC650B Financial Accounting Theory II
    • ACC650M Auditing Principles
    • ACC651M Auditing Procedures
    • ACC652 Taxation for Investors and Managers
    • ACC655 Auditing and Internal Control
    • ACC657 Accounting Information Systems
    • ACC690 Accounting Guided Study
    • ACC696M Research Project


    • BUC400 Business Communication
    • BUS480 Integrated Business Policy
    • BUS491 Internship Project
    • BUS500B Introductory Statistics
    • IBU653 Global Business & Strategic Planning
    • BKM400 Business Knowledge Management Strategies
    • BKM600 Knowledge Management for Business Strategies
    • BKM610 Managerial Support Systems, DSS and ESS
    • BKM615 Knowledge Audits and Managing Knowledge Gaps
    • BKM620 Knowledge Integration, Transfer, and Sharing
    • BKM630 Knowledge Repositories and Integration Methods
    • BKM650 Enterprise Telecommunications and Global Collaboration
    • BKM670 Knowledge Management Design and Development
    • BKM680 Prototyping and Deployment using Project Management


    • FIN310 Business Finance
    • FIN440 Financial Institutions
    • FIN442 Investments
    • FIN443 Working Capital Management
    • FIN444 Risk Management and Insurance
    • FIN446 International Financial Management
    • FIN447 Financial Planning
    • FIN448 Seminar in Finance
    • FIN449 Analysis of Financial Statements
    • FIN450 Banking Finance
    • FIN451 Real Estate Finance
    • FIN501 Finance Fundamentals
    • FIN600 Finance for Nonfinancial Managers
    • FIN609A Seminar in Financial Management
    • FIN630 Financial Institutions
    • FIN631 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
    • FIN632 Managing Financial Resources
    • FIN633 Financing Capital Requirements
    • FIN635 International Finance
    • FIN641 Advanced Security Analysis and Portfolio Mgmt.
    • FIN650 Global Financing for Trade
    • FIN651 Commercial Bank Management
    • FIN652 Real Estate Finance
    • FIN653 Financial Engineering and Derivatives
    • FIN654 Cases in Finance
    • FIN670 Finance and Accounting for Executives
    • FIN671 Credit Management
    • FIN673 Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Corporation
    • FIN674 Managing Financial Institutions and Banking
    • FIN675 The World Economy, Trade, and Finance
    • FIN676 International Banking
    • FIN677 Financial Derivatives
    • FIN 800 Corporate Finance
    • Economics

    • ECO203 Principles of Microeconomics
    • ECO204 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECO401 Market Process Economics I
    • ECO402 Market Process Economics II
    • ECO415 Labor Economics
    • ECO420 International Economics
    • ECO430 Economics and Philosophy
    • ECO447 Money and Banking
    • ECO490 Economics Guided Study
    • ECO602 Global Context of Business
    • ECO607 Economics for Managerial Decision-Making
    • ECO608 Macro Economics & Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
    • ECO630 Global Economic Geography
    • ECO631 Global Trade Policy and Procedure
    • ECO635 Economics for Executive Managers
    • Electronic Business

    • ELB620 Principles of Electronic Business
    • ELB620S Principios de Negocios Electronico
    • ELB621 E-Strategies and Business Models
    • ELB622 E-Business Systems Development
    • ELB623 Advanced Web Design
    • ELB624 Internet Marketing
    • ELB625 Electronic Payment Systems and Internet Security
    • ELB635 E-Logistic and Supply-Chain-Management
    • ELB638 E-Business Information and Knowledge Systems
    • ELB640 Emerging Communication Technology in E-Business
    • ELB650A Master's Research Project I
    • ELB650B Master's Research Project II
    • ELB656 Cyberlaw and E-Legal Issues
    • Executive Master In Business

    • EMB671 Global Business Simulation
    • EMB672 International Risk Management
    • EMB673 International Strategic Alliances
    • EMB674 International Competitive Strategies
    • EMB651 Cases Studies in Business Decision Making
    • EMB652 Business Games (Simulations)
    • EMB682 Accounting for Managers
    • EMB683 International Financial and Economic Strategies
    • EMB684 Executive Issues in Marketing and Ethics
    • EMB686 Data and Research Analysis for Decision-Making
    • EMB689 Leadership and Negotiation
    • EMB696 EMBA Project

      Hospitality Management

    • HCM440 Cultural Diversity and Hospitality Management
    • Human Resources

    • HRM400 Human Resources Management
    • HRM409B Survey in HRM & Organizational Development Practices
    • HRM432 Recruitment, Selection, Promotion, Retention
    • HRM433 Pay and Benefit Administration & HR Technology
    • HRM439 Legal, Regulatory, and Labor Relation Concerns
    • HRM630 Legal, Ethical and Safety Issues in HRM
    • HRM633A Seminar in Employee Rel.,Labor Rel.,Union Mgt
    • HRM637 Workforce Planning, Developing, & Outsourcing
    • HRM660 HRM: Theory and Practice
    • HRM667 HRMS: Compensation and Benefits
    • HRM669 Research Seminar in HRM Corporate Strategy
    • HRM670 Project/Thesis


    • MGT400 Ethics in Law, Business and Management
    • MGT409C Principles of Management and Organization
    • MGT422 Team Building, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Empowerment
    • MGT430 Survey of Global Business
    • MGT442 Strategic Management
    • MGT451 Production and Operations Management I
    • MGT481 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    • MGT482 Small Business Management
    • MGT483 E-Business
    • MGT484 Family Business Management
    • MGT490 Guided Study
    • MGT600 Ethical Concerns in Business and Management
    • MGT601 Theory, Practice, and Ethics of Management
    • MGT602 Strategic Decision-Making in Global Business Setting
    • MGT603 Business Operations Management
    • MGT604 Project Management
    • MGT605 Organizational Management and Leadership
    • MGT606 Service Management
    • MGT607 Performance Management
    • MGT610C MBA Project
    • MGT630 Global Business Environment
    • MGT635 The Organization Consulting Process
    • MGT637 Comparative International Management
    • MGT640 Operation Planning and Implementation
    • MGT651 Managing Safety Issues and Regulations
    • MGT680 Topics in International Business
    • MGT690 Management Guided Study
    • MGT800 Technology Management
    • MNS606 Decision Systems for Managers
    • Marketing

    • MKT402A Marketing Fundamentals
    • MKT420 Principles of Consumer Behavior
    • MKT430 Introduction to Global Marketing
    • MKT434 Introduction to Market Research
    • MKT440A Sales Techniques and Methodology
    • MKT441 Channel and Value Networks
    • MKT442A Introduction to Public Relations
    • MKT443 Introduction to Advertising
    • MKT445 e-Marketing
    • MKT446 Introduction to Services Marketing
    • MKT447 Marketing for Entrepreneurs
    • MKT448 Not-For-Profit Marketing
    • MKT602 Marketing Management
    • MKT620 Consumer Behavior
    • MKT631 Global Marketing
    • MKT633 Sales Management
    • MKT634 Market Research
    • MKT635 Advertising Management & Marketing Communication
    • MKT636 Marketing Strategy and Communications
    • MKT660 Strategic Operational Marketing
    • MKT670 Selected Topics in Marketing
    • Management Science

    • MNS205 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Business
    • MNS206 Business Research Methodology
    • MNS407 Management Science
    • MNS601 Statistics for Business
    • MNS682 Data Analysis for Decision Making
    • MNS683 Decision and Risk Analysis

      Organizational Development

    • ODV410 OD, Career Systems, Training & Development
    • ODV420 Introduction to Organizational Behavior
    • ODV600 OD: Theory and Practice
    • ODV601 Integrating Performance Management, Technology, &

      Organizational Leadership

    • ODV606 Seminar in Training & Development
    • ODV608 Research in Current Issues/Trends in Applied OD
    • ODV610 Advanced Studies in Organizational Behavior in a Diverse Society

    • Organizational Leadership
    • LED400 Introduction to Leadership
    • LED410 Leading in Diverse Groups and Teams
    • LED420 Adaptive Leadership in Change
    • LED430 Conflict and Negotiation for Leaders
    • LED440 Leadership Overview of Organizational Function
    • LED450 Advanced Group Dynamic Theory
    • LED460 Ethics and Decision Making in Leaders
    • LED470 Classic Studies of Leadership
    • LED480 Research for Leaders
    • LED490 Leadership Capstone Project
    • LED601 Theories, Practices, and Ethics of Leadership
    • LED602 Developing and Implementing Groups and Teams
    • LED603 Organizational Leadership
    • LED604 Change and Adaptation Within Organizations
    • LED605 Negotiation, Bargaining, and Conflict Resolution
    • LED606 Information Management for Leaders
    • LED608 Seminars in Leadership
    • LED609 Capstone Project Course
    • Taxation

    • TAX601 Tax Research & Decision Making
    • TAX611 Taxation of Exempt Organizations
    • TAX612 Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation
    • TAX614 Taxation of International Transactions
    • TAX619 Master's Project
    • TAX690 Taxation Guided Study
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