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Jasmine Wang and Nick Walker from South China Morning Post writes:
India is churning out MBAs to fuel this growth from number of institutions dotted around the subcontinent. Among these are the Aegis School of Business in Mumbai and the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The Aegis curriculum, described by India's Economic Times as one of the country's top five one-year MBA programmes, Aegis dean Thor Hendrickson said he learned from his research with big companies, including Oracle and the Boston Consulting Group, that multinationals required MBAs with wide international exposure, practical experience in the business world and the ability to cross-perform. Aegis focused on all three aspects to produce well-rounded MBAs.
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Aegis Alumni


Debasis Dash
MPTM 2002-03
B. E, Electronics & Telecom from Utkal University
Manager at VSNL Bhubansewar
Mobile: +91 9937049574

“I certainly could not have credibly fulfilled the position I currently hold without having invested in my learning. The most important thing I learned at Aegis? Well, before I did
the program, I thought that the world was technical. I thought that HR, marketing or finance were somehow less important. Now I know the real picture as manager in VSNL. My understanding of various functional areas contributed in my growth and real life learning.”

Tenecia Sicard
MBA/PGP 2005-06
MA International University, Roehampton University, London
BS, Science & Technology in Society: Computer Science Concentration, Stanford University, CA
She was offered a whopping special package of INR 950,000 (9.5 lacs) by Ernst & Young India.

"Currently, I am interning at Reliance Infocomm, in the International Business department. In this post, I do market research and analysis for current and future Reliance products. My previous work experience has been in mostly project management and customer service. In one of my previous internships, I handled logistics of a five-day study tour in London for international NGO managers and supervisors. While interning at Bluefish Wireless, I created content and applications for PDA and mobile devices. As an events project coordinator, I managed three team members and oversaw a number of small projects.
Upon completing the Aegis MBA programme, I will be seeking employment in project/product management and development in the IT sector, with the intention of building enough experience to move on to management or IT consulting in the future."

Gaurav Soni
MPTM 2002-03
Bachelor of Engineering
Reliance Info com in International Business Division
Last assignment Head International International Sales: CIS /Middle East/Africa ORG Telecom ltd.

“The leadership Forum is one of the most valuable parts of my Aegis experience, if not the most valuable. Aegis gave me the confidence and ability to face the challenges at corporate telecom world. Only after six months of start of my career I went to Colombo to set up the operations in Srilanka which I did successfully. The next assignment came from Kabul it was also exciting experience prepared me for my future entrepreneurial ventures.

Amit Bhatt
MPTM 2002-03
Manager Presales, VSNL

“Working with people of different backgrounds, I learned a huge amount from their perspectives and experience. And the team approach also taught us to work more, effectively. We learned how to accomplish more, how to delegate and brief, and ways of achieving tangible progress. When I add to this the technical knowledge I’ve gained, my greater understating of the broad range of business functions and the increased career opportunities I now have, I feel that Aegis has given me much more than I could have imagined.”

Manan Pandya
MPTM 2003-04
BE Ahemdabad
Senior RF Planning Consultant, Alcatal, India
Mobile: +91 (0) 9426709361

"When I came to Aegis, I knew what I wanted from this place, a break in my career. After working for over one year as RF engineer in a local company in Ahemndabd, I sensed this way the journey is endless. Then I landed at Aegis gained something what I could not have imagined out of my BE degree. After the internship in GTL, I was offered a job in same company and now I am working in my dream
company Alcatel.I wish you a good luck in your journey View the enclosed CD to learn more about the complete Aegis experience."

Shiv Shakti
MPTM 2004-05
BCA Dehradun
Technical Specialist
Micro Land
Mobile: 9833878409

“I value the people at Aegis most and their ability to weave real-world practical examples into the theory is what gives the Aegis program its power. During the industry internship at GTL Mumbai, we have been treated like real employee of the company and worked 24*7 for more than two months at client sites, it was amaging experience.”

Bhanu Pratap
MPTM 2005-06
BE, Chandigarh
Experience Reliance Info Marketing
Editor Aegis Telecom News Letter
Internship 3D networks

"Anyone I knew who had an edge in the business world had an MBA and I always wanted to do one- not just career advancement but alsofor sense of achievement, I am delighted I've chosen Telecom Management program at Aegis- it's a different learning experience form an undergraduate degree in engineering and some experience at Reliance.The learning comes form several sources. The lecturers themselvesare very knowledgeable, there's a mix between project works and readings and the individuals on the program offer another source oflearning- everyone has different experience."

Sunil Srivastava
MPTM 2005-06
Currently working as Consultant Services in Net Pro Active Services Pvt. Ltd.(Part of Planet One Singapore)

"Joining Aegis was like boarding in the fast lane train. In last one year I have gone through a rigorous campus as well off campus activities and finally I landed up directly in management team of one of the biggest IT Solution Provider of Asia Pacific."

*If you wish to speak to our alumni please send a request at [email protected]

Balram Warrier
MBA/PGP 2005-06
B.Sc (PCM), B.Sc (Tech) in E&T
Work Exp. of 5 years with Hughes Escorts Communications & Microland Ltd, Mumbai
Currenlty working in Product Development at Reliance, Mumbai
He was offered INR 800,000 (8.0 lacs) by Reliance Infocom a leading Telecom company in India

"While working for 5 years in the technology centric space of Telecom & IT services, I was completely insulated from the economic & financial implications of my actions as an electronics engineer.
The 1 year management program at The Aegis school of Business, has given me
valuable insight into the financial & strategic aspect of business; thereby filling a void which was very much evident erlier. Today, I am able to comprehend the decision making process of an organisation & the rationale behind doing so; with greater clarity."


Pradeep Giri
MPTM 2006-07


Hello, I am Pradeep Giri. After finishing my Masters Degree majoring in Wireless communication from the North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, US, I joined MPTM at Aegis Mumbai. Aegis has provided me enough exposure in the Indian telecom industry along with the knowledge of management practices, which would help me, work efficiently in an organization. At Aegis, I was engaged in helping my team members in successfully executing a few consulting assignments for telecom companies in India like Aster telecom, Planet one and Reliance communications. I am looking forward to major in finance along with telecom management program, which gives me better outlook to my aim of being a telecom consultant over the years.



Jigar T.Patel, Dual Program
MPTM and MBA 2005-06
Bachelors of Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Mumbai University
Work Experience of 4 years ECI Telecom India and Tata Teleservices Ltd.
He was offered INR 800,000 (8.0 lacs) by Reliance Infocom a leading Telecom company in India


Bhaskar Banerjee
MPTM 2002-03


Pawan Pachori
MPTM 2003-04
Assistant Manager, Presales, Plant one Groups Companies Mumbai

Sayed Samir MPTM 2002-03
Manager, Corporate Channel Sales, VSNL