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Aegis Career Management Center (CMC)

Welcome to the Career Management Center (CMC) at Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication. Our goal is to provide graduate students, alumni and prospective employers with resources and opportunities in order to successfully match the student skills and interests with employer needs.

CMC strives to assist students in their employment and internship search in all possible ways. Our experienced staff provide a wide range of personalized services, which include help with individual career planning, clarifying career directions, etc. CMC offers a variety of services designed to assist students with all aspects of their career development and job search in accordance with corporate requirements. We plan workshops, panels, networking events and receptions specific to all phases of the career search.

Some of the services offered to students through CMC:

    - Career Mapping
  • - Soft Skill Development
  • - Resume Building
  • - Interview preparation
  • - Language Lab: writing skills, pronunciation improvement, spoken language
  • - Job search
  • - Internship
  • - Consulting Opportunities


Aegis offers Full Time, Part Time Executive, Online and Certificate programs in Telecom Management, Business Administration, Business Consulting, Business Analytics & Big Data, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobility.

Aegis CMC is a "one-stop shop" for all your recruiting needs. If you are looking to recruit truly world-class business talent, Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication graduates can provide outstanding global business capabilities, diversity, and professional experience that can make a real difference to your business.

Aegis Career Management Center invites you to tap into the pool of the brightest Masters in Telecom Management at all experience levels for full time employment, or short- or long-term consulting assignments or internships. We are dedicated to serve your organizational needs in Telecom Technologies, Techno-Management, Consulting and Business Management areas.

Who are you looking for?

- A recent MBA graduate:  Aegis has candidates with 2 to 25 years of professional experience.
- A middle & senior level manager or executive: Tap into the ranks of seasoned Aegis alumni providing strong, innovative leadership to companies worldwide to benefit your organization.
- A part- or full-time consultant: A growing number of Aegis students and alumni are interested in pursuing flexible work arrangements. Find candidates for special projects, part-time assignments or interim executive positions across multiple industries and functions.
- Key Areas: Technology, Techno-Management, Business Management, Enterprise Mobility, Network Planning, Operations, OSS/BSS, Cloud, Analytics, Managed Services, Project Management, Revenue Assurance, Telecom Consulting, Business Analysis, Customer Experience, Pre Sales, Enterprise Sales/ Marketing, Market Research, Product Development, LTE, 3G etc.

Write to know more about the recruitment and internship processes to [email protected]

We will assist you with:

- Campus Recruitment
- Internship
- Consulting Assignments and Market Research
- Project work

How to Recruit from Aegis

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Contact CMC

Anita Ram
Manager, Career Management Center
+91 8080793911
022 - 32185553

Leader's Perspective

Mr. G. Kumar
Former CTO
Reliance Communication (MP & Orrisa)

Aegis’s MPTM curriculum, I observe has been formulated and tailor made keeping in mind the present needs of service industry. The lectures / discussions arranged periodically given by experts of concerned industries not only has helped gaining knowledge but has also made particpants inquisitive and thought provoking. The application of summer trainees was found quite result oriented and focussed.

Aegis Alumni are emloyed with: