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Corporate Partners

Aegis is an ideal example of Industry - Academic partnership, It was set up with support from AirTel, Bharti one of the largest telecom company in India. Aegis, before setting up the school, conducted surveys with leading corporate like E&Y, Reliance, Bharti, BCG, Star TV, CitiBank, Oracle, Wipro etc to understand and analyse their needs. The outcome resulted in bottlenecks and concerns faced across the industry, which helped Aegis in shaping the structure and curriculum of the programs.

Become a corporate partner
Join our most active corporate partners and see the benefits this can bring to your business. We establish partnerships in research, executive development, personal development, recruitment and scholarships. If your organisation is interested in partnering with Aegis, please contact us at: [email protected] There are numerous ways in which your organisation can benefit from working with Aegis School of Business:

Recruitment Needs
If you are looking to recruit truly world-class business talent, then Aegis School of Business graduates can provide the outstanding global business capabilities, diversity, international outlook and professional experience that will make a real difference to your business.

Recruit our students and alumni

Tap into Aegis School of Business's world-class talent. Recruit high-calibre personnel for employment, or short- or long-term assignments. Write us to know more about the recruitment and internship process at [email protected]

Sample firms where Aegis students are employed

We measure our success by success of our candidates. Our on-campus career services are dedicated to opening doors for students and alumni.
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Placement Process:

  1. Develop cross functional competency: First two terms develop cross functional competency by giving equal emphasis on all the courses.
  2. Live consulting during the course work over three terms.
  3. Bring Focus: Last Term choose the area of your interest and better growth by picking right electives in consultation with faculty members, who have rich industry experience, and Career Management Center (CMS)
  4. Internship: Career Management Center (CMS) organize the two to three months internship in the chosen field with leading firms also interested to offer you full time  employment opportunity after fishing the internship.
  5. Final Job Offer: In 95% cases candidates joins the same firm where they have successfully completed their internship. In some cases if candidates do not like the job profile they opt out and CMS organize other employment opportunities for them.  

Aegis Career Internship Aims and Objectives:

While the terms work-study and internship are often used interchangeably, in a campus setting, they refer to a variety of programs with similar aims. The aim of Aegis’s career internship opportunities for students is to provide practical work experience that bridges the gap between the classroom and the world of work and articulates an understanding between theory and practice in the discipline. An internship experience allows students an opportunity to apply the knowledge, theories and skills acquired through their education. The internship program encourages students to develop professional skills in their chosen career field while providing the valuable work experience needed in an economically competitive world.

Specifically, those goals involve
• Improving the student’s understanding of the application and practicality of the theory and principals of his or her chosen discipline,
• Complementing the academic component of development through exposure to new topics in an external atmosphere,
• Exposing students to the realities of the employer-employee relationship and preparing for an effective post-graduation experience, and
• Encouraging the development and maturation of the student so as to achieve a more successful, rewarding and meaningful life.

Benefits to Employers:
Long- and short-term benefits of employer participation in campus internship programs include
• Building strong bonds and developing beneficial partnerships with the educational community,
• Establishing a direct opportunity for involvement in raising the standard of professionalism for the future workforce,
• Providing a valuable service to the community by increasing productivity and employability of graduates entering the workforce,
• Offering focused, disciplinary input in needs-assessment curricular pursuits seeking to better align programs with job-market demands, and
• Acquiring access to a highly motivated and skilled labor pool offering new and objective viewpoints and stimulate creative problem-solving.
Guidelines for Employers (based on established, best-practice approaches):
• Establish clear job descriptions for internship positions, including level of experience and education expected as well as degree focus requirements, if applicable.
• Examine the job description to determine whether the internship is a paid position or strictly a mentorship.
• Provide adequate supervision to support the interns in accomplishing disciplinary objectives. (Interns desire consistent feedback and mentoring.)

Aegis Consulting
Find solutions to the problems currently confronting your organisation.
Get a fresh, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural perspective on any challenge or opportunity your business is facing from our high calibre faculty and student consulting teams. Whether you want to research new markets, develop business plan, need strategy consulting, develop new product, develop your CRM strategy, or improve your management of multinational teams, you will receive practical recommendations in the format you require.

Develop yourself and your staff: Executive Education
Executive education at Aegis focuses on developing the individual. It encourages managers to question the usual management models and ways of thinking, to widen their perspectives, and to understand their own capabilities. Tutorials and lectures are combined with non-traditional learning exercises; and cutting-edge academic theory is mixed with practitioner experience.

Become part of the network of global business leaders working in partnership with Aegis School of Business
Meet like-minded professionals, attend stimulating speaker events, make contacts, exchange ideas, and contribute to the education of the business leaders of tomorrow.

Career Management Center
Aegis Career Management Center (CMC) strives to assist students in their employment and internship search in all possible ways. Career Services has a variety of services designed to assist students with all aspects of their career development and job search in accordance with corporate requirement. The CMC also helps you acquire the skills required for success in your chosen program and professional life.

Our Strategy
Aegis, before setting up the school, conducted surveys with leading corporates to understand and anlayze their needs. The outcome resuted in bottlenecks and concerns faced across the industry, which helped Aegis in shaping the structure and curriculum of the programs.
Approach school design as industry would design a product
Analyse the market from the consumer’s perspective
Use a lean business model
Focus on core capabilities
Form partnerships with key players
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The Industry Concerns and Aegis Solutions
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Focus Areas
Our focus areas are:Consulting, Finance, Technology Management, Strategy, New Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Telecommunication etc
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