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V. P. Chandan
Director, Aegis Consultant World Bank Former President, Qualcomm India

"There is a huge growth in the telecom industry in India and the future certainly belongs to telecom managers. We need telecom managers and must rise to this challenge. Either India developes and educates an adequate number of trained telecom managers or India has no future.



Spears School of Business
at Oklahoma State University

Aegis announces academic association with Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University (OSU)



Oklahoma state University’s proud legacy of extensive international activity had its beginning more than fifty years ago with United State president Harry S. Truman’s appointment of OSU President Henry G. Bennett as the founding director of the point four program. OSU’s initial contribution to the point four program was the establishment of an agriculture college in Ethiopia and played as significant role in the program’s evolution into the present-day United State Agency for International Development .Over the past fifty years, OSU has worked cooperative with major international organizations and educational institutes, this work having benefited more than one hundred nations. On April 1, 1999, OSU entered a new era of international involvement with the education of the School of International Studies, which now serves as the center of all international studies, which now serves as the center of all international endeavors undertaken by the university.

In an effort to continue and expand its long legacy and to promote increased understanding between the United State and India, Oklahoma State University enters into this general agreement with Aegis School of Business and Telecommunication. The two institutions hereby agree to pursue cooperative activities to be conducted on the basis of equity and mutual benefit of both parties. Such activities may involve the areas of instruction research, and extension and may include varies forms of exchange among professionals and scholars within the two institutions.

Any specific initiatives developed under this Memorandum Of Understanding shall be negotiated by the two institutions. Details of program content and attendant financial arrangement shall be clearly outlined in a separate document, which document will be entitled Activity Agreement and will be signed by appropriate authorized institutional officials.

The terms of this Memorandum shall begin on the date of signature by both parties and shall continue in effect until either of the parties expresses in writing to the other a desire to terminate. Such termination shall have no effect on any outstanding obligations contractually agreed upon between the parties in an Activity Agreement. In the event that discrepancies arise between this document and any translation of it to a language other than English, This English version shall prevail.


1) Aegis Graduate Student Attending OSU Campus in Stillwater
A non-resident graduate student would pay around $747 plus fees per credit hour for an on-campus class in Stillwater. This cost may increase on an annual basis but this is the current price estimate. Therefore, 35 credit hours for a graduate student attending OSU for an M.S. in Telecommunications Management would be $26,145.
A graduate student must take the GRE or GMAT test to be admitted into the Graduate Program at OSU. Students would make their own housing arrangements. There is an application fee to the graduate college which is currently $75. 
2) Aegis Graduate Student Taking Distance Learning Courses in India or Stillwater
A non-resident student would pay $700 for a 1 credit hour distance learning course. A student may obtain an Oklahoma State University Master of Telecommunications Management degree by taking 35 credit hours. In 2010, the cost of tuition for a total distance learning degree would be $24,500. (Tuition costs subject to change on an annual basis)
A graduate student must take the GRE or GMAT test to be admitted into the Graduate Program at OSU. There is an application fee to the graduate college which is currently $75. 
3) Two Week Program in June or July 2010 to Obtain 6 Graduate Credit Hours in Telecommunications Program
Program Length
The proposal is for a 14 day program for two consecutive weeks. The students would arrive on a Sunday and begin classes from Monday.

Six Credit Hours from Oklahoma State University
Two courses would be taught during the 2 week visit. There would be pre-work and post-work associated with each of the courses in order to obtain the 6 credit hours, which would include distance learning as well as face to face coursework when students are on the Stillwater campus. Course topics are yet to be determined and we  would work in partnership with Aegis to decide what courses we could offer.

Business and Cultural Visits
Besides class sessions, the students would travel to Dallas, Texas for a weekend business and cultural trips—potentially visit telecommunications companies in Dallas and experience some of the culture.

Each session would have a welcome reception and orientation and a luncheon prior to the group departing.

Graduate students would stay in an apartment, two people per apartment. The apartment furnishes towels, linens, bedding, and washer and dryer. Kitchen facilities are available to cook in the apartments so students may save money by buying their own food and cooking it on-site.
OSU has a bus transportation system in Stillwater which students may access to go to stores and travel to campus (although campus is within walking distance of the apartments).


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