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Jasmine Wang and Nick Walker from South China Morning Post writes:
India is churning out MBAs to fuel this growth from number of institutions dotted around the subcontinent. Among these are the Aegis School of Business in Mumbai and the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The Aegis curriculum, described by India's Economic Times as one of the country's top five one-year MBA programmes, Aegis dean Thor Hendrickson said he learned from his research with big companies, including Oracle and the Boston Consulting Group, that multinationals required MBAs with wide international exposure, practical experience in the business world and the ability to cross-perform. Aegis focused on all three aspects to produce well-rounded MBAs.
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How to recruit from Aegis?

If you are looking to recruit truly world-class business talent, Aegis graduates can provide outstanding global business capabilities, diversity, and professional experience that will make a real difference to your business.

Recruit for permanent, project or internship opportunities

Get connected today to top talent from Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication.  Whether you need to recruit for permanent positions, projects or internships, Career Management team is here to help you find the brightest students and alumni at all experience levels. Aegis School’s Career Management Center is your "one-stop shop" for all of your recruiting needs.

Career Management Center

Who are you looking for?

    - A recent MBA graduate:  Aegis has candidates with 2 to 25 years of professional experience.
    - A middle & senior level manager or executive: Tap into the ranks of seasoned Aegis alumni providing strong, innovative leadership to companies worldwide to benefit your organization.
    - A part- or full-time consultant: A growing number of Aegis students and alumni are interested in pursuing flexible work arrangements. Find candidates for special projects, part-time assignments or interim executive positions across multiple industries and functions.
    - Key Areas: Technology, Techno-Management, Business Management, Enterprise Mobility, Network Planning, Operations, OSS/BSS, Cloud, Analytics, Managed Services, Project Management, Revenue Assurance, Telecom Consulting, Business Analysis, Customer Experience, Pre Sales, Enterprise Sales/ Marketing, Market Research, Product Development, LTE, 3G etc.

    Write to us for more information about the recruitment and internship processes to [email protected], we will assist you with:

    - Campus Recruitment
    - Off campus on company permise Interviews
    - Internship
    - Consulting Assignments and Market Research
    - Project work

    Student Development Process:

    Develop cross functional competency: First two terms develop cross functional competency by giving equal emphasis on all the courses.
    Live consulting during the course work over three terms.
    Bring Focus: Last Term choose the area of your interest and better growth by picking right electives in consultation with CMC and faculty members, who have rich industry experience.
    Internship: CMC organize the two to three months internship in the chosen field with leading firms also interested to offer you full time employment opportunity after finishing the internship.
    Final Job Offer: In 95% cases candidates join the same firm where they have successfully completed their internships. In some cases if candidates do not like the job profiles they opt out and CMC organize other employment opportunities for them.


  • Internship Benefits to Employers:

Long- and short-term benefits of employer participation in campus internship programs include
• Building strong bonds and developing beneficial partnerships with the educational community
• Establishing a direct opportunity for involvement in raising the standard of professionalism for the future workforce
• Providing a valuable service to the community by increasing productivity and employability of graduates entering the workforce
• Offering focused, disciplinary input in needs-assessment curricular pursuits seeking to better align programs with job-market demands
• Acquiring access to a highly motivated and skilled labor pool offering new and objective viewpoints and creative problem-solving.

  • Guidelines for Employers (based on established, best-practice approaches):
    • Establish clear job descriptions for internship positions, including level of experience and education expected as well as degree focus requirements, if applicable.
    • Examine the job description to determine whether the internship is a paid position or a mentorship.
    • Provide adequate supervision to support the interns in accomplishing disciplinary objectives.

Aegis Corporate Connections

    Recruit our students and alumni

    Tap into Aegis School of Business's world-class talent. Recruit high-calibre personnel for employment, short- or long-term assignments. Write to us: [email protected]

Recruitment Process:

  • Request from the Recruiting Organization: send the details of your organization, JD (job description, salary, number of candidates required etc.) and Eeail to [email protected]

Pre-Placement Group Interview: You may conduct a pre-placement group interview and presentation at Aegis.

Stage 1 Short Listing at CMC: CMC will get the response from the students, and after short listing selected resumes will be sent to the company.

Stage 2 Short Listing: The Recruiting Organization will shortlist the candidates to be interviewed further based on their own criteria.

On/ Off Campus Interview: The final selection rounds could be held on Aegis campus (all the facilities for conduction of the interviews and tests would be provided by Aegis) or the company premises.

Final Selections and offers.


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Contact CMC

Anita Ram
Manager, Career Management Center
+91 8080793911
022 - 32185553

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