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Jasmine Wang and Nick Walker from South China Morning Post writes:
India is churning out MBAs to fuel this growth from number of institutions dotted around the subcontinent. Among these are the Aegis School of Business in Mumbai and the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The Aegis curriculum, described by India's Economic Times as one of the country's top five one-year MBA programmes, Aegis dean Thor Hendrickson said he learned from his research with big companies, including Oracle and the Boston Consulting Group, that multinationals required MBAs with wide international exposure, practical experience in the business world and the ability to cross-perform. Aegis focused on all three aspects to produce well-rounded MBAs.
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Learning Management System

Learning Management System is designed manage the learning at Aegis. It helps candidates to upgrade their skills required for the job market. Full access is provided on campus via the school's intranet. Selective access is provided through the Internet to our digital library. The resource consists of all the study materials in advance in soft copy (HTML, Word, e-books, audio books), Streaming Audio and Video Lectures integrated with PPT. Online and print subscriptions provide major industry and business magazines, for example: Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Voice & Data, Total Telecom, as well as the major Indian and international business newspapers and journals.

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Online Digital Library

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