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Masters Program In Information Systems (MPIS)

Muhammad Rizki MPIS 2007-08
BIT USQ Australia
2.5 years work experience in IT
speaking on his experience at Aegis

Program Outline

The program emphasizes the planning, investigation, design, development, application, management and evaluation of Information Systems. The program trains students to be integral members of application design and development teams.

This Program is available in two modes :

Masters Program in Information Systems (MPIS) - Full Time One Year
Masters Program in Information Systems (MPIS) - Part Time 18 months

View MPIS (Part Time & Full Time) & MS Computer Science Course Curriculum

The field of Information Systems (IS) addresses the application software lifecycle, including the design, creation, management, evaluation and analysis of the wide variety of computing systems applications that are directly used by individuals, groups and organizations to support their work and social lives. Students in this program will master both the technology and the human behavior in the computing environment.

The study of Information Systems is based upon the concept that there is a growing body of knowledge on the relationships between people and computers that is independent of any specific application. Understanding of the total system involves both the human and the computing environment as an integrated whole. Students will master both the technology and the understanding of human behavior in the computing environment.

The MPIS program provides solid grounding in four principal areas, all of which are applicable to the areas described above:

  • Systems analysis and software engineering
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Management of information system
  • Business Management

Masters Program in Information Systems (MPIS) - Part Time 18 months
This is a flexible course suitable for working executives, who aspire to move ahead in the fields of Information Systems by upgrading their knowledge and acquiring the necessary skills.

At Aegis we have designed this program to give flexibility to working executives to ensure that the program can be completed in 18 months. Classroom training consists of one and a half day every weekend.
i.e. Every Saturday (1/2 day) & Sunday (Full day) for 18 months

During off class room, candidates can access the streaming audio/ video lectures and other reference training material through Aegis Personal Learning and Training System (APTLS), a web based learning portal.


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Anirban Bhaumik
Program Director
MBA New York University
Stern Business School
MS Computer Science NJIT US
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