Enrollment & Training

Enrollment & Training:

  • Affiliated Training Partner will be responsible for all aspects related to enrollments, training, assessments, Aadhaar process and monetary reward disbursal of the trainees with Franchise Centers under the STAR Scheme

  • Affiliated Training Partners are required to upload the batch on Day 1 of the batch start date. The Assessment fees are to be transferred to the SSC before uploading the data. In no circumstance, can there be a delay of more than 5 days from batch start date in uploading the data on SDMS.

  • The Affiliated Training Partner must ensure that the trainer at the franchise center is qualified and trained to provide trainings on the relevant Job Roles. The Sector Skill Council may also choose to certify the Trainer before he/she can conduct training.

  • Training Partner will be responsible to provide training/reading/study material to the trainees in all their centers as well as in their franchise centers

  • Training Center will maintain day-wise attendance record for the batch and provide it to the Assessor during the Assessments. The attendance record should be signed by respective candidates in the batch or maintained through an electronic/biometric attendance system

  • The Affiliated Training Partner will nominate/hire a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all MIS activities. Only the identified SPOC will interact with NSDC and/or STAR Program Management team for issues related to the STAR scheme. No deviations on this policy will be entertained.

  • The Affiliated Training Partner is responsible for their franchisee centers and hence cannot divest the uploading of data on SDMS further to their franchisee centers.

  • The Franchise Training Center is not allowed to contact NSDC or SSC for any queries directly. They will have to route their queries through the Affiliated Training Partners.

  • The affiliated Training Partner can conduct training only on Job Roles under the Sector Skill Council that they are affiliated with.

  • The Training Partner needs to ensure that candidates meet the minimum and maximum eligibility criteria to undertake training for the relevant Qualification Pack (QP)

  • Training Fees set for a course should not be 'artificially inflated' to take additional financial benefit from the trainee's monetary reward. The effort should be counsel and enable the aspirant trainee to train for a higher course and increase his/her prospect for higher returns through employment going forward. The reward amount would be part subsidizing the course fees.

  • STAR Scheme is a reward scheme and the money would be transferred into the beneficiary’s bank account directly. Any arrangement for payment of training fees using this reward money would be between the training partner and the certified candidate and should be backed by clear documentation.



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