Mobilization & Marketing


  • Training Partners that are affiliated to any of the Sector Skill Councils (SSC) under the STAR Scheme are allowed to mobilize candidates and conduct training at any of their own centers or their affiliated centers strictly as per the list of centers shared by them with respective SSC(s) and NSDC

  • At all times, the Training Partner needs to be vigilant that its affiliated training centers do not sub-franchise the training. Any such activity found will be considered as non-compliance and may result in de-affiliation of the Training Partner from participating in the STAR Scheme.

  • A Training Partner must not undertake any activity or marketing initiative to mobilize candidates for any other Sector that they are not affiliated with, on the pretext of training them in that sector. They are allowed to mobilize candidates only after they receive the affiliation letter from the particular SSC.

  • All the candidates mobilized for training under the STAR Scheme must strictly meet the minimum and maximum eligibility criteria as specified in the Qualification Pack for the particular Job Role. It is the responsibility of the Affiliated Training Partner to adhere to this guideline.


  • All training centers of the training partner and the franchise centers must have posters of the STAR Scheme on display. The posters must be clearly displayed in the classrooms where trainings for the STAR Scheme are being conducted and the counselling rooms, if any.

  • Soft copies of these poster templates and messaging to be used are available on STAR Scheme website for usage by the Training Partners.

  • Use of any other poster/flyer/text messages/e-mails or any document (electronic or physical) contradicting the message and outcomes of the STAR Scheme will be considered as a violation of the STAR Scheme process and appropriate actions shall be taken against the defaulter, including de-affiliation from participating in the STAR Scheme in future.

  • Training partners who are not affiliated with NSDC directly are not allowed to use the NSDC logo in any of their communication, other than the communication prepared by NSDC. Such Training Partners are allowed to only use the logo of the SSC(s) that they are affiliated to, with prior written approval of the SSC, along with the STAR Scheme logo.



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