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Jasmine Wang and Nick Walker from South China Morning Post writes:
India is churning out MBAs to fuel this growth from number of institutions dotted around the subcontinent. Among these are the Aegis School of Business in Mumbai and the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The Aegis curriculum, described by India's Economic Times as one of the country's top five one-year MBA programmes, Aegis dean Thor Hendrickson said he learned from his research with big companies, including Oracle and the Boston Consulting Group, that multinationals required MBAs with wide international exposure, practical experience in the business world and the ability to cross-perform. Aegis focused on all three aspects to produce well-rounded MBAs.
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Our Strategy

Aegis, before setting up the school, conducted surveys with leading corporates to understand and anlayze their needs. The outcome resuted in bottlenecks and concerns faced across the industry, which helped Aegis in shaping the structure and curriculum of the programs.

The Industry Concerns mainly were:

  • - Students lack international exposure
  • - Students have poor teamwork skills
  • - Students lack the experience and traits required of managers
  • - Students have narrow interests and knowledge
  • - Programs too theoretical
  • - Excessive program length
  • - Outmoded pedagogy and curriculum
  • - International programs too expensive for Indian market
  • - Poor at cross functionality
  • - Poor written communication
  • - Mostly MBA’s are perceived to be trained for sales/ marketing functions so corporate is reluctant to offer jobs in other functional areas like operations, consultancy, finance.
  • - Unrealistic expectations of candidates coming out of Business School.
  • - Engineers are not aware of basic concepts and are not aware of current technologies.

Some of the concerns we addressed at Aegis:

  • - Diversity in term of faculty and students
  • - Group work
  • - Students who are driven and experienced
  • - On campus Distinguished Speaker Series
  • - Faculty includes experienced practitioners and academics
  • - One year, intensive program for Full-Time MBA
  • - One year, intensive program for Full-Time Masters Program me in Telecommunication Management ( MPTM)
    - Interactive classroom sessions and student centric teaching
  • - Affordable fee
  • - Close industry interaction
  • - Kept course curriculum away from university structure, so it could remain flexible and dynamic.

    Our Strategy

    - Approach school design as industry would design a product
    - Analyse the market from the consumer’s perspective
    - Use a lean business model
    - Focus on core capabilities
    - Form partnerships with key players
    - How did we develop the Aegis MBA and MPTM

    Focus Areas
    - Consulting
    - Finance
    - Technology Management
    - Strategy
    - New Product Development
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Telecommunication
    - Enterprise Networking and Solutions

    The Goal
    - Develop a truly world-class business school in India.
    - Develop a truly world-class Telecom Management school in India.


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Mr. Rajan Bharti Mittal
Joint Managing Director
Bharti Enterprises

"Wish the School all success"