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ERP Course Integration

Starting from January 2008, Aegis School of Business integrates ERP technology learning into its relevant courses. This will includes different ERP functionality mapped to different management courses, such as Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Corporate Financial and Accounting, etc, aimed to provide a solid balance of student's competence in both, the concept and the most updated and in-demand technology.

ERP for Management Professional

For management professionals, the knowledge on ERP will be an important factor that will significantly contribute on the development of their skills and knowledge in their functional roles and further the development of their career. No matter what the nature of your management activity is, ERP can provide comprehensive understanding on the best practice of each different management functions (such as Financials, Logistics, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Technology, and Human Resource Management) and how they work together in an real-time integrated environment. So basically there will be two advantages for management professionals to get their feet inside ERP: to advance their knowledge on each of their management expertise and also to have a strong grip on how Information System (specifically ERP) is implemented to perform the related core supporting functions.

The Reason Behind The Strategy

Key corporate and public sector strategic ERP projects will continue to receive investment so demand for ERP will remain robust, as will the need for those able to port such applications to users

The skills shortage across the IT Market and number of ERP jobs advertised, offers opportunities for those considering new jobs. Of the overall IT market, SAP and Oracle are now amongst the most sought after skills, partly due to the expertise and complexity required in these roles. ERP profiles have seen the highest growth in pay in 2007, of the entire spectrum of primary IT skills. There is a constant and strong growth in ERP related jobs advertised and particularly ERP contractor jobs. Speaking to a number of key recruitment agencies, it remains that strong ERP skills and experience are amongst the most sought after in IT. The demand is fuelled by employers who will often counter offers to existing employees, which makes it harder to recruit. The candidates in an even stronger position are those that gain experience in different areas of ERP. Additionally it is worth considering evolving ERP experience with consulting skills and project manager skills, which will open more job opportunities and in parallel a higher salary in 2008.


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